Aloe Extract Can Be Used To Synthesize Nanomaterials

Aloe Extract Can Be Used To Synthesize Nanomaterials

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Aloe extract can be used to synthesize nanomaterials
Natural extracts are used as protective agents to prepare nanomaterials, which belongs to the category of green chemical synthesis. International nanotechnology research has already begun to focus on the concept of green synthesis of nanomaterials, especially focusing on the synthesis of nanomaterials using natural product extracts under mild conditions.
In recent decades, with the improvement of the level of research, development and utilization, the mystery of aloe vera has been unveiled layer by layer, and people's understanding of aloe vera has entered a new stage.
As a common natural ornamental and medicinal plant, aloe vera is used in food, health products and cosmetics. Because it is affordable, easy to preserve, and has little harm to the human body, it has also been initially used in the preparation of nanomaterials in recent years. The chemical composition of aloe vera is very complex, containing anthraquinones, proteins, organic acids, polysaccharides and other active substances, some of which can be used as protective agents in the preparation of nanomaterials.
Using aloe vera extract for the preparation of nanoparticles and nanoalloys is not only low cost, simple in operation, mild in reaction conditions, but also environmentally friendly and in line with the development concept of green chemistry. Compared with conventional protective agents, it has a significant protective effect, can effectively prevent nanoparticles from agglomerating, and the product is stable. Therefore, aloe vera extract protects synthetic nanomaterials and is a very promising preparation method that will definitely be used in future application fields. Show off your skills.

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