Can grape seed extract be used to preserve meat?

Can grape seed extract be used to preserve meat?

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Can grape seed extract be used to preserve meat?
Everyone knows that grape seed extract can be antioxidant, so why is it antioxidant?
The phenolics in grape seed extract are primarily responsible for its antioxidant properties. The phenolics in grape seeds exert antioxidant effects in meat products in the following two ways:
One is to chelate metal ions to prevent the metal ions from triggering the formation of free radicals, thereby indirectly achieving the antioxidant effect. The second is to provide hydrogen atoms for peroxide free radicals, turning the peroxide into a hydroperoxide. To eliminate free radicals and improve the scavenging ability of reactive oxygen species.
Meat products are prone to oxidation reactions during storage, resulting in odor and discoloration, resulting in loss of nutrients. In order to maintain good quality of meat during its shelf life, it is necessary to add antioxidants. Research shows that adding 0.25% grape seed extract can significantly slow down the oxidation rate and acid production rate of fermented duck sausage, thereby improving the storage period and stability of the sausage. Grape seed extract can improve the oxidative stability of fermented sausages, thereby increasing the shelf life of sausages. Through comprehensive analysis of the surface color, sensory evaluation, pH, dripping loss rate, volatile base nitrogen value and total bacterial colony count of Yanbian yellow beef samples, biologists concluded that grape seed extract has the best effect on preserving the freshness of Yanbian yellow beef. The optimal mass fraction is 0.1%, and the samples in the grape seed extract experimental group have a shelf life 2-4 days longer than those in the control group.
Grape seed extract can also improve the water holding capacity of Peruvian squid fish balls, reduce the fluidity of water in the fish balls, inhibit the thermal decomposition of trimethylamine oxide, and reduce the formaldehyde content in the fish balls. When 0.1G/kg rosemary extract and 0.3G/KG grape seed extract are added to the silver carp fish balls, the preservation effect of the white silver carp fish balls is the best, and the growth of microorganisms is obviously inhibited and the fish balls are delayed from deterioration.
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