Have You Ever Thought About Asing Kitchen Spices To Prevent And Treat Hypertension?

Have You Ever Thought About Asing Kitchen Spices To Prevent And Treat Hypertension?

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Have you ever thought about using kitchen spices to prevent and treat hypertension?
   Hypertension is a global public health problem, and the induction of cardiovascular disease (CVD) is often closely related to hypertension. Nowadays, the widespread presence of hypertension has stimulated a sharp increase in the demand for nutritional supplements related to coronary artery health supported by scientific research. Although hypertension is considered the primary cause of cardiovascular disease, consumers are increasingly seeking more natural, effective, and safe drug replacement solutions.
  A report published in the Journal of Hypertension and Management predicts that the risk factors for cardiovascular disease will rapidly increase in the United States alone over the next 20 years. Some predictions indicate that by 2035, more than 45% of the population in the United States will be affected by cardiovascular disease. In addition, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States, even with drug intervention, nearly 50% of hypertensive patients still cannot control their blood pressure levels. From another perspective, this also emphasizes the urgent need for adjuvant antihypertensive therapy.
  Factors such as aging, endothelial dysfunction, arteriosclerosis, nitric oxide levels, high sodium intake of antidiuretic hormone levels, hyperlipidemia, overweight and obesity, unhealthy lifestyles such as smoking, alcoholism, stress, anxiety, and insomnia are considered as triggers for hypertension and overall cardiovascular health. In addition, hypertension is an important pathophysiological factor of cardiovascular disease, including stroke, coronary artery disease, heart failure, peripheral vascular disease, atherosclerosis and chronic kidney disease. Some commonly used spice ingredients in ordinary households have attracted widespread attention from industry professionals and researchers in recent years, becoming a natural alternative therapy for traditional medicines. These herbaceous plants have a history of use for thousands of years and have long been considered safe natural solutions for protecting and maintaining human health.
  According to a recent study by the University of California Irvine (UCI) in the United States, many traditional plants such as lavender, fennel, and chamomile can lower blood pressure because they activate potassium ion channels (KCNQ5) in blood vessels, which explains the molecular mechanism by which herbaceous plants alleviate blood vessels. Researchers suggest that the discovery of these plant-based KCNQ5 selective potassium channel initiators may provide potential for targeted treatment of diseases such as hypertension and KCNQ5 related functional loss encephalopathy in the future.

Kitchen spice black grass

  Hypertension is usually asymptomatic, especially in the early stages, and is therefore referred to as the "silent killer". Once diagnosed with hypertension, patients must take antihypertensive drugs for life, and medication treatment is often expensive and can cause adverse health reactions. As Emmanuel Nambusseril, the chief marketing officer of Akay essence Fragrance Company in Japan, pointed out, "the importance of safe nutrition and health care products and complementary therapy can be reflected at this time". In this field, Akay focuses on researching safe and organic traditional herbs and kitchen spice black grass. The company has developed a standardized black grass oil rich in thyme quinone, which is an effective ingredient for treating hypertension, and has applied for a patent. It is reported that this extract called BlaQmax has been clinically proven to have anti anxiety and stress relieving properties, as well as positive effects on memory and insomnia. In addition, BlaQmax is produced by the green cold pressing and Supercritical fluid extraction process, so it can be sold as an organic and clean label.
  The company points out that although various human clinical studies and comprehensive analyses have been conducted on black grass and its extracts, their effectiveness is still controversial. After four years of systematic research, Akay finally revealed the reason for poor compliance in previous studies, namely the extremely low content of thymoquinone. It is worth noting that black grass and its oil or its hydrogen ethanol extract either do not contain thymoquinone or have extremely low content (as low as 0.2% w/w). There have been research reports that using 5-6 grams of black grass oil per day can observe some beneficial effects, while BlaQmax can provide 5-10 milligrams of thymoquinone in 100-200 milligrams of soft capsules per day. Researchers have found that various preclinical studies have demonstrated the management effect of BlaQmax on cardiac metabolic risk factors at relatively low doses of 100-200 milligrams per day - the raw material has anti hypertension, lipid-lowering, weight loss, stress and anxiety relief, as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

The health benefits of vegetables

  Dietary supplement supplier Lycored Israel also obtained a heart healthy compound from a common ingredient to reduce heart pressure through its tomato nutritional complex. Its brand product Cardiomato contains six plant nutrients that have been standardized to precise levels, which can have synergistic effects on cellular processes and have a positive impact on cardiovascular health. Golan Raz, head of Lekonrad global health, said that the increase of lycopene in serum after supplementation could reduce oxidative stress, which may be related to endothelial function.
  A recent clinical study found that Cardiomato supplementation has a hypotensive effect on hypertension patients, and compared with lycopene alone. This double-blind randomized study involved a total of 61 volunteers aged between 35 and 60 who were affected by hypertension. Researchers require them to take active standardized tomato extract (doses of 5 and 15)Or 30 mg lycopene), synthetic lycopene or placebo capsules, and guide them to take them with meals. It is reported that the company emphasizes the importance of mental and emotional health, such as dealing with oxidative stress to achieve cardiovascular calmness and maintain heart health.
  In summary, consumers are increasingly paying attention to cleaning labels in product development, which is expected to further expand the market for plant components in homeopathic nutritional and health products. As new research reveals more implicit benefits, this has attracted increasing attention.

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