Meat preservatives:Moringa flower extract

Meat preservatives:Moringa flower extract

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A recent study by Indian researchers found that Moringa flower extract can increase dietary fiber and antioxidant levels in cooked chicken nuggets and increase the antibacterial properties of products. Researchers have been evaluating Moringa flower extract as a functional ingredient in meat for potential use to improve nutritional quality and storage stability, and trying to improve fiber levels in everyday foods. The study was published in the journal Nutrition.
The researchers used freshly ripe spicy Moringa flower, which were milled into powder and extracted from ethanol aqueous solution. The extract is then centrifuged, filtered and stored at 2 degrees C. The study used frozen chicken breasts, which were chopped, flavored, and then divided into three batches. The control group did not contain any Moringa flower extract or other antioxidant dietary fiber (ADF). Processing 1 (T2) and processing 2 (T2) contain 1% and 2% MF, respectively

The study found that adding Moringa flower significantly increased the content of total dietary fiber in chicken nuggets (P 0.001) T2 chicken nuggets with the highest TDF content (2.03%) followed by T1 (1.39%) and the lowest control group (0.76%). The researchers also said that Moringa flower extract can significantly increase the total phenol content (TPC) in chicken nuggets (p 0.001)

The TPC content in the T1 and T2 groups was 0.789/1.121 (mg GAE/g), significantly higher than that of the control group (0.059). Processed chicken nuggets contain a large amount of dietary fiber and TPC may be due to the use of Moringa flower extract, which contains very high phenolic content (36.14 mg/g dry powder), is a good source of dietary fiber (36.14%)
In addition, Moringa flower extract does not affect the hardness, adhesion, adhesion and chewiness of the product. (P.0.05) The treated chicken nuggets have no significant effect on taste and may actually be beneficial for extending shelf life. The researchers believe that Moringa flower 's antioxidant dietary fiber levels may be used as stabilizers to preserve the flavor of the product by inhibiting lipid oxidation.

This result may be due to its abundance of polyphenolic compounds that play an antibacterial role. Many researchers have confirmed that meat products that add natural antioxidants have a high flavor and overall acceptability during storage because of their stability and flavor effect softened by inhibiting lipid and protein oxidation.

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